Saturday, March 9, 2013

Getting Ready for 2013 Syrup Season.....

We're getting ready!
Yesterday we brought the pails out of the attic above the garage and loaded them on the trailer and brought them out to the woods!  In the photo the truck bed is full of pails too, and the back of the blazer is full to the top with lids for all of the pails.

Once in the woods, there was lots of snow! The day was exhausting....even for Daisy. The boys pulled the trailer (equipped with skis) through the snow with the gator and set the pails beside each tree. We haven't actually tapped the trees yet. We're waiting for the forecast to predict a string of 40+ degree days.

Our hard-working crew:  Michael, Mathew, Vince, Chad, Alex, Kevin.  It was an awesome day!

Stay tuned!

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